Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What are we thankful for? Mr. McCabe's Photo class reveals their campus picks!!!

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Mr. McCabe's photo students were given the assignment to look carefully and thoughtfully around the D-E campus and pick 3 things/ people/ spaces that they are thankful for...The images you see on this post are the 'top picks' from that creative endeavor.  The images were taken with cell phones and small digital cameras,...enjoy, and hopefully you have much to be thankful for as well this season...

'We are thankful for friends!'

Thanks to all of our friends in the cafeteria
for going wayyyy above and beyond, cooking
hours and hours to bring us a delicious
home cooked holiday feast!

More kitchen prep, it made a lot of students
top 3 list!

A creative way to be thankful for the arts, finding it on
the flat screen tv's in the Klein Campus center...

Water, clean & fresh, something we definitely take for granted,...

   Happy Thanksgiving from DEVA!!!

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