Monday, November 1, 2010

Off the Wall- A contemporary look at 'Street Art'

This week students at Dwight-Englewood are enjoying a look at 3 contemporary artists in the Swartley Gallery exhibit, 'Off the Wall.'  Veronique Broussard Class of 2000, Geo Rodriguez also Class of 2000 and Josh Williams, Class of 2002 are innovative and exciting visual artists.  As you can see here, each artist has a unique voice and a great deal to say with the visual dialogue they have created.

Work by Veronique Broussard, D-E 2000'

Geo Rodriguez, D-E Class of 2000

Josh Williams, D-E Class of 2002

The Swartley Gallery is pleased to host its second exhibit of the 2010-11 season featuring the works of artists, and D-E alumni, who are influenced by the urban landscape and culture that swirls around and within each of them.  Their unique visions are witnessed through the variety of materials and original approaches to art making.  From digitally manipulated work, to stencils, to graffiti, to more traditional approaches to painting & drawing on untraditional surfaces, Joshua Williams 02’, Geobany ‘Bowz’ Rodriguez 00’, and Veronique ‘Acet’ Broussard 00’, all use their personal creative voices to speak their mind, share their story and make their individual mark upon the collective consciousness of this world on a local and global level.
If you enjoyed this show, be sure to check out our other exhibits either online on this blog or in the coming year stop by the gallery during the week from 8-4.  'Off the Wall' will be on view from Oct. 28th - Nov. 18th with a closing reception on November 18th from 5-7 pm in the Swartley Gallery.

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