Friday, November 12, 2010

D-E Field Trip to the Rubin Museum of Art, Himalayan Art, that is...(and the Met)

AP Art history & Non Western Art history classes waiting to enter the museum.

Ms. Devito with students discussing the
exhibit featuring contemporary artists
inspired by the collection at the Rubin.
'Grain of Emptiness' is the exhibit the contemporary work is from, click on the link to check it out for yourself...

One of our amazing guides, David Bowles came to D-E to introduce us
to the Rubin, its wonderful collection and the people
and culture of Tibet.

Zach spent some time
mediating and contemplating
this contemporary work
inspired by older Buddhist

Jennifer 'looking closely'
at one of the works, studying
details with her eyes and hand.
One of our guides, Eleanor
Whitney, discussing
our drawings and findings...
David Bowles guided us through important symbols and
attributes of Tibetan Buddhism.
Avalokiteshvara-we learned
was given 1000 arms and multiple heads to assist more people...sounds like our Rubin guides!!!

Chris brought us to his choice of a 'self portrait' in the Chinese paintings at the Met

A closer look at the 'Self Portrait of Chris'

Gregg Emery, Chair of the Visual Arts &
Art History, ME!, at a special exhibit in the little
known modern wing of the Met!
Bye-bye  from Ms. Devito, Mr. Emery and the art history students of Dwight-Englewood, thanks to all of the
amazing people at the Rubin Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art!!!  For more info about the Rubin, be sure to click on the link below...Rubin Museum of Art: Art of the Himalayas

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