Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Project Ourway 2011, a student run, produced, acted, written, spoken,
performed, drawn, painted, sculpted, drummed, sung and enjoyed on
a rainy Saturday in April...

Chris shared a short story and in this
clip shares his thoughts on the importance
of art and the creative process...

Musical performances, one act plays and the 'annual' finale,...
a new line of Haute Couture fashion from Anna Karpman 12'
Way to go Anna and everyone!!!!
 Taylor & Eric hanging artwork.

Shireen & Hadar a moment of peace at the
end of a great evening in the hall of cranes, all proceeds
went to relief work in Japan.
Congrat PAS and everyone!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

6th Graders giving each other a hand on our most recent project!!!!

One of the George Segal sculptures
we looked to for inspiration...

We enjoyed this creative video while letting the plaster dry well before trying to remove them from our hands....
Lending a hand to wrap each others hands in plaster strips
to make 'George Segal-esque' hand sculptures...

A little dance to help set the creative mood...

This video shows one of the plaster hands being removed...
Hope you enjoyed this look into the 6th grade studios where young artists
learn, create, solve problems, share and simply enjoy the world of art!!!!