Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Accelerated Art Portfolio

Check out what is happening in Accelerated art a portfolio development major ...Students are finishing they're unconventional art challenge and here is a piece made by student Jessica Rice in which she is using CHEWING gum as her alternative art medium!

Swartley Gallery Features Mary Mattingly

Next up in the 2015-2016 Swartley Gallery Series is multimedia artist Mary Mattingly’s “House and Universe”, an exhibit featuring photography and mixed media sculpture with an ecological focus in the gallery of D-E’s Swartley Arts Center. The Connecticut-born, New York City-based artist was previously a visiting artist in the D-E Summer Connections program’s inaugural Young Visionaries Experience, where she worked alongside interdisciplinary artist Sally Bozzuto and the students to design, build and garden two planter boxes in the lawn outside Swartley - one of which will remain on campus while the other will join the “floating food forest for New York called ‘Swale’”, as mentioned on Mattingly’s website, www.marymattingly.com


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Visual Perception Presentation by Mrs. Brusky

The Senses: Intro to Neuroscience featuring Mrs. Brusky

The Senses, an Upper School school science class, discusses the different senses of the human body. Mrs. Brusky, a MS/US Visual Art Teacher, spoke to the students in The Senses about Visual Perception in Art and how linear and atmospheric perspective can create the illusion of depth in drawings and paintings. In conjunction with her presentation, students were asked to do four short drawing activities to help them understand the concepts of overlaps, scale, one-point perspective, value, and color relationships more deeply.

STEM Art Show

April 24 - May 27, 2015, Imperatore Library and the Taub Center.

This exhibition featured the paintings, drawings, photography, digital artwork, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, and videos of 24 students and 5 faculty members from the D-E community. To view all of the artwork from the exhibit click here.

The artwork in this show was inspired by different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  While viewing the work, people were invited to reflect on the connections that the artists were making and that they perceive between these subjects.  Additionally, this show represented the transition from STEM to STEAM, which incorporates art and design into the study and practice of the STEM subjects.

To learn more about the STEM Art Exhibition and STEAM go to the STEM Art Site at bit.ly/STEMArt.

 Bill Biondolino

 Daniela Solovey

 Alexis Fiore

 Brian and Jonathan Zhang

 Austin Chen

 Allen Xi

 Danielle Vegliante

 Christine Chow

 David Schulman

 Joseph Iwanski

 Jessie Law

 Lucy Plowe

 Lydia Mitchell

 Julianna Davis

 Isabella Monaco

 Linda Chen

 Lily Waxman

 Kirin Mueller

 Jared Tauber



 Rohit Mahtani

 Rushy Panchal

 Lydia Scrivanich

 Rachel Brusky

 Talia Stewart

 Theo Coulson

 Brian Zhang

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

D-E Senior Artists head to Urban Glass in Brooklyn for once in a lifetime experience!!!!!

Senior Artists this year were treated to something extremely special this year during their 'Senior Week' experience,...They were whisked away from campus last week and headed to Urban Glass in Brooklyn!!! The experience was EXTRAORDINARY and PHENOMENAL for our students -

Remember  a molten glass furnace is 2400 degrees- glassblowing is inherently a TEAM sport - everyone collaborating with all eyes and hands on and at full attention. The pipe whether it is for sculpting or a punty pipe must always be kept turning to keep the glass spooled on and not dripping on the ground.  In the pictures and video you can see our D-E artists set up in two teams working collaboratively on pieces that will ultimately be part of Dwight-Englewood's growing permanent art collection.
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