Tuesday, May 27, 2014

D-E Senior Artists head to Urban Glass in Brooklyn for once in a lifetime experience!!!!!

Senior Artists this year were treated to something extremely special this year during their 'Senior Week' experience,...They were whisked away from campus last week and headed to Urban Glass in Brooklyn!!! The experience was EXTRAORDINARY and PHENOMENAL for our students -

Remember  a molten glass furnace is 2400 degrees- glassblowing is inherently a TEAM sport - everyone collaborating with all eyes and hands on and at full attention. The pipe whether it is for sculpting or a punty pipe must always be kept turning to keep the glass spooled on and not dripping on the ground.  In the pictures and video you can see our D-E artists set up in two teams working collaboratively on pieces that will ultimately be part of Dwight-Englewood's growing permanent art collection.
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