Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opening Assembly features the Visual Arts & Art History

A short clip of String Society ensemble players at the opening of school assembly, with a memorable 
performance of Kurt Jenkins' "Palladium," and a visually striking backdrop of work created throughout the
2010-2011 school year.  Featured in this clip are Olivia Fuld 17' and the applause is given for Anna Karpman 12.'
Serena Solin, 12' read an original story she wrote which was... inspired by her studies in Art History, specifically the Caves of Lascaux...

The morning featured so many memorable performances and works of art.  The picture here shows 8th graders on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art,...taking in a Pollock in the Modern Wing.   

Monday, September 12, 2011

Swartley Remembers September...10 years ago

These envelopes were all created by students and faculty in response to 9/11.   

I was teaching an art history class that morning and didn't really believe the 'boys' as they told the class about planes hitting the towers.  I began class as one of my students left for the bathroom.  When word came that the unbelievable was in fact reality, it suddenly became clear that the student who left for the bathroom was calling her father who worked high atop one of the towers.  He, like so many others, too many others never made it out that day.
September 11th shook the Dwight-Englewood community as it did our city and the entire nation.  Half of our arts faculty were living in Manhattan at the time and it was an epic and tragic moment simply to attempt going home that day.
 Jennifer Lee 11' now studying at Pratt, created this mixed media painting in response to 9/11 as part of her Post 9/11 literature class at Dwight-Englewood.  The chains, attempting to arrest time as a shuttle is about to crash into the abyss.  A shuttle, reminding us of other tragic moments, the drips in two simple columns.

 Our hearts are with all of the families, firefighters, police, soldiers, children, friends,...As artists and designers we will help lead the call to Never Forget!