Tuesday, May 27, 2014

D-E Senior Artists head to Urban Glass in Brooklyn for once in a lifetime experience!!!!!

Senior Artists this year were treated to something extremely special this year during their 'Senior Week' experience,...They were whisked away from campus last week and headed to Urban Glass in Brooklyn!!! The experience was EXTRAORDINARY and PHENOMENAL for our students -

Remember  a molten glass furnace is 2400 degrees- glassblowing is inherently a TEAM sport - everyone collaborating with all eyes and hands on and at full attention. The pipe whether it is for sculpting or a punty pipe must always be kept turning to keep the glass spooled on and not dripping on the ground.  In the pictures and video you can see our D-E artists set up in two teams working collaboratively on pieces that will ultimately be part of Dwight-Englewood's growing permanent art collection.
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dwight Upper & Lower school students collaborate on a Visual Zoo!!!

This week the Kindergarten Zoo was unveiled to some of the Upper School advanced portfolio students who drew animal drawings to jump start this amazing project.  The kindergarten 'zoo keepers' led our bigger artists around to share their knowledge.  Way to go everyone!!!
Brief intro from the teachers and 'zoo keepers'
Preliminary sketches with color added by Kindergarten class

Finding out what a shark's skin is like...
How big is an owl?  That BIG!!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!  That was an amazing zoo and what great experts our zoo keepers were!!!!

D-E artists enjoy strong showing at regional gallery exhibit!

The One River Gallery in Englewood hosted its 2nd Annual Regional High School Art Exhibit.  Dwight-Englewood had a fine showing including works from all grade levels and materials from digital media, painting, sculpture as well as several ceramics pieces.  The winner of best in school was Wendy Gonzalez who won for her ceramics surrealist vessel!

Maitreyi & Joel helping install the show....
Posing at the opening reception last Thursday evening...
Mr. Algrant our amazing principal posing with this year's winner, Wendy Gonzalez!

Olivia poses with her detailed painting!!!  Great work Olivia!!!
Joel Lee with his family and collaged self portrait.
Lily and her mother posed with her fabulous 'raku-fired' piece.
Lucy and her mother with this 'digital' painting.

Art Star Kianna with her parents, posing with her beautiful painting.
Marlena, her dad and Dr. Brown posing with her self portrait!

Congrats to all the artists from every school and special thanks to Matt Ross, Agnes and everyone at One River!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

AP Studio Art Portfolios better than ever!!!

This years group of AP studio art students have been racing to the finish line in order to submit their cumulative portfolios of artwork.  This years students were dedicated and included a diverse range of ideas, materials, ways of working and perspectives from computer based design work, to dream exploration to watercolors and even variations on Rorschach ink blots!  Congrats class of 2014!!!  See a sample of screen shots of some of D-E's submissions this year...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Art Battle hits Dwight-Englewood!!!

          If you haven't heard of this phenomenon then look out!  Artists battling head to head for 2 hours creating an original piece of art around the theme...'No Fear!'  Check out what these middle and upper schoolers came up with!  Best in show?  Alex Frommer with her cape & mask!  Congrats to everyone including Olivia Yi who won for the Upper School and Zhana Hoffman from the Middle School!  Special thanks to Jerry's Art Supplies for the fabulous prizes!!!

(Special thanks to art instructor, Rachel Brusky, for the amazing video and Lydia Scrivanich for organizing our Middle School battlers! and of course Joe Algrant & Kathy Christoph (principals) and Rodney Dejarnett for always challenging us to take risks and try new things in our art world and beyond,.,.,,)

Alex Frommer 15' with her winning cape & mask!