Friday, May 10, 2013

Kindergarten Zoo started in the hands of Seniors 2013!

A wonderful artistic collaboration took place this spring between the advanced art students in Swartley and our neighbors in the Bede school Kindergarten classes... Upper School students took a pause from their portfolio building endeavors and sketched out large animals from all over the world.  The students of Dwight-Englewood's kindergarten classes then added color, details and environments for the animals to roam within their classroom.
This week, several of our Upper School student artists visited the 'Zoo' and were delighted to hear facts about the animals as well as meet their collaborators and see the results of their shared artistic work.

The rooms were divided into climates and groups that share similar environments.

Jeanne 13' meets with her penguin partner.

Students were able to show off their knowledge of their respective animals and impress our Upper School artists.

Vanessa 13' works on the initial sketch of the poison arrow frog.
After a round of questions like, 'What does your animal eat?' and hearing fun facts about the animals it was time for the 'big' artists to return to Swartley reinvigorated with the energy of their slightly smaller counterparts.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Winner of the Creative Sculpture Photo Contest!

Thanks to everyone who participated this year in our creative photo contest involving our on-campus sculptures.  The first pic below is our winner, submitted by senior Jeanne Li, however, we have included some of the other ingenious and heartfelt entries as well from both our Upper & Middle Schools...Jeanne will be receiving 2 tickets to the Whitney Museum for her artistic efforts... Congrats! Hope you enjoy our sculptures too, we now have 12 on campus,...
Posing in the traffic circle by Steve Keltner's 'Stand Back'

A little love for Richard Heinrich's 'Zoot Suit'
Enjoying 'Tete a Tete'

Posing with Howard Kalish's addition to our campus.

Hanging with Martha Walker's 'Kokopelli'

Thursday, May 2, 2013

16th Annual Senior Spotlight!!!

The Swartley Gallery is glowing with the creative accomplishments of 5 of our top seniors...featuring layered painting by Jeanne Li, a vortex of prints by Dana Koscielny, sculptural poetry by Alexis Inguagiatto, surrealistic drawings by Stephanie Moon and artistic questions about Gender politics from Estée Levy this show is not to be missed!