Sunday, November 28, 2010

6th graders making Animal Texture Drawings...

This year's 6th graders in Ms. Scrivanich, Ms. Young and Mr. Emery's classes spent the beginning of the semester drawing with texture & pattern.  For the first project, students were also asked to incorporate the relationship of people and animals in their drawing.  We studied different artists who rely heavily on those elements of art and also looked for inspiration from a variety of sources...from the music of Meredith Monk and Neon Trees...

 and a stop motion animation from our very own Colin Alexander 10'.  You can see Colin's animation on Ms. Diaz' blog...Just click on the link below...

We also discussed the relationship people have with animals and looked at that relationship featured in the film about Christian the lion...

Below you can see some of the inspirations as well as our students in process and a select few of the finished works.  All of the texture drawings will be on view at our Winter Arts Festival coming up next month...

Busily working on the 6th grade animal drawings...

So much texture for the pigeons to enjoy!

Majestic use of the whole page...

What great sense of rhythm.

This shark has a reason for his anger...

Great sense of depth, beatiful details...

A panda among the bamboo...

Hope you enjoyed a look at some of our work in the 6th grade this fall, keep watching for more updates from the Swartley studios and the up and coming Middle School Arts page!!!  Also, be sure to click below if you thought these works and project were cool or interesting and if you are able, consider becoming a follower of DEVA, bye for now...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What are we thankful for? Mr. McCabe's Photo class reveals their campus picks!!!

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Mr. McCabe's photo students were given the assignment to look carefully and thoughtfully around the D-E campus and pick 3 things/ people/ spaces that they are thankful for...The images you see on this post are the 'top picks' from that creative endeavor.  The images were taken with cell phones and small digital cameras,...enjoy, and hopefully you have much to be thankful for as well this season...

'We are thankful for friends!'

Thanks to all of our friends in the cafeteria
for going wayyyy above and beyond, cooking
hours and hours to bring us a delicious
home cooked holiday feast!

More kitchen prep, it made a lot of students
top 3 list!

A creative way to be thankful for the arts, finding it on
the flat screen tv's in the Klein Campus center...

Water, clean & fresh, something we definitely take for granted,...

   Happy Thanksgiving from DEVA!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

D-E Field Trip to the Rubin Museum of Art, Himalayan Art, that is...(and the Met)

AP Art history & Non Western Art history classes waiting to enter the museum.

Ms. Devito with students discussing the
exhibit featuring contemporary artists
inspired by the collection at the Rubin.
'Grain of Emptiness' is the exhibit the contemporary work is from, click on the link to check it out for yourself...

One of our amazing guides, David Bowles came to D-E to introduce us
to the Rubin, its wonderful collection and the people
and culture of Tibet.

Zach spent some time
mediating and contemplating
this contemporary work
inspired by older Buddhist

Jennifer 'looking closely'
at one of the works, studying
details with her eyes and hand.
One of our guides, Eleanor
Whitney, discussing
our drawings and findings...
David Bowles guided us through important symbols and
attributes of Tibetan Buddhism.
Avalokiteshvara-we learned
was given 1000 arms and multiple heads to assist more people...sounds like our Rubin guides!!!

Chris brought us to his choice of a 'self portrait' in the Chinese paintings at the Met

A closer look at the 'Self Portrait of Chris'

Gregg Emery, Chair of the Visual Arts &
Art History, ME!, at a special exhibit in the little
known modern wing of the Met!
Bye-bye  from Ms. Devito, Mr. Emery and the art history students of Dwight-Englewood, thanks to all of the
amazing people at the Rubin Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art!!!  For more info about the Rubin, be sure to click on the link below...Rubin Museum of Art: Art of the Himalayas

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bang Bang You're Dead, visually & conceptually striking Fall Play opens at D-E

Poster artwork/ design by Hanna Lefcourt 12'

In this post you will see artwork from the upcoming theatrical performance of 'Bang-Bang You're Dead,' the fall production at Dwight-Englewood opening up this Weds, Thurs, and Friday at 7pm in Haijar Auditorium.  The artwork for the poster below as well as for the scenes/ digital backdrop is all original work by Hanna Lefcourt D-E Class of 2012.  Below is an interview with Hannah conducted this afternoon in the Swartley Gallery with Hannah about that collaborative work with Ms. Moriarty, D-E Theater Faculty and Director, as well as stage managers, crew, actors and fellow artists.  Enjoy,

In keeping with a commitment to producing thought-provoking live theater, the D-E Upper School Performing Arts Department will produce the powerful play "Bang Bang You're Dead!" by critically-acclaimed playwright William Mastrosimone. The play will be performed Wednesday, November 10 through Friday, November 12, at 7:00 p.m. in Hajjar Auditorium on the school campus.

Written in 1999 in the wake of four school shootings, the play is meant to raise awareness of school violence and its causes. The plot focuses on Josh, a high school student who murders his parents and five classmates. It is strongly based on the events surrounding the real life story of Kip Kinkel, who murdered his parents on May 20, 1998 and shot 27 of his classmates at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon on May 21, 1998.  The play begins with a young man lying in a jail cell for having committed unspeakable crimes. Five of those he murdered earlier that day -figments of his imagination, not ghosts- enter his cell demanding answers. When Josh evades their questions, they become akin to a chorus of Greek Furies who torment him, make him re-live events, and drive him towards the threshold of remorse.
reprinted from

Also, be sure to check out the video on the link below...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Highlights from DEVA

Halloween is a special time of year for the visual arts at Dwight-Englewood and 2010 was no exception...The leaders of PAS, Promotional Arts Society, decided to dress to impress as their fav art &/or artist including an empress!  Not to be outdone were a design student invoking his best Afro Samurai, an amazing Emmy award winning anime inspired cartoon series,  and of course the fait accompli, Ms. Diaz as Marie Antoinette with a boiffant, a work of art in and of itself!!!!  Check out Ms. Diaz' website for other images of her costume,

Shireen as a Roy Lichenstein painting

Hadar as Nefertiti

Nick as Afro Samurai

Ms. Diaz as Marie Antoinette, Happy Halloween 2010!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Off the Wall- A contemporary look at 'Street Art'

This week students at Dwight-Englewood are enjoying a look at 3 contemporary artists in the Swartley Gallery exhibit, 'Off the Wall.'  Veronique Broussard Class of 2000, Geo Rodriguez also Class of 2000 and Josh Williams, Class of 2002 are innovative and exciting visual artists.  As you can see here, each artist has a unique voice and a great deal to say with the visual dialogue they have created.

Work by Veronique Broussard, D-E 2000'

Geo Rodriguez, D-E Class of 2000

Josh Williams, D-E Class of 2002

The Swartley Gallery is pleased to host its second exhibit of the 2010-11 season featuring the works of artists, and D-E alumni, who are influenced by the urban landscape and culture that swirls around and within each of them.  Their unique visions are witnessed through the variety of materials and original approaches to art making.  From digitally manipulated work, to stencils, to graffiti, to more traditional approaches to painting & drawing on untraditional surfaces, Joshua Williams 02’, Geobany ‘Bowz’ Rodriguez 00’, and Veronique ‘Acet’ Broussard 00’, all use their personal creative voices to speak their mind, share their story and make their individual mark upon the collective consciousness of this world on a local and global level.
If you enjoyed this show, be sure to check out our other exhibits either online on this blog or in the coming year stop by the gallery during the week from 8-4.  'Off the Wall' will be on view from Oct. 28th - Nov. 18th with a closing reception on November 18th from 5-7 pm in the Swartley Gallery.