From the Chair of DEVA

Just a place for a few thoughts, words, images from the chair of the visual arts & art history.  An online journal if you will from Swartley Center for the Arts.
At the curriculum committee
where Dr. Dejarnett encouraged
the chairs to delve into
journaling about our individual
& school progress.

Progress Academic Year: 2010-2011:

    This year we have worked really hard to make the amazing work we do down in Swartley at all divisions more visible on campus and beyond.  We have a great record of students who move from D-E into art, design, art history and architecture programs but teacher, parents, students and staff are not always reminded about this as they go about their day on campus.

Where to start?  Well, we made this DEVA site and have tried to update regularly at all divisions and including alumni and faculty work.  We also have slowly started exhibiting more work (from the barely existent collection previously enjoyed) this year throughout the campus.