Sunday, November 20, 2011

Varsity Art Team takes on MOMA and LIFE DRAWING

Members of the 'Varsity Art Team' hopped on a bus and subway to check out the Museum of Modern Art, including the DeKooning retrospective.  It was a beautiful day!
Varsity Art Team members have also been taking part in figure drawing at the Nyack Center.  Great work!

 An amazing group of Jazz Musicians led by our very own Rob Debellis treated students on Friday to a preview of their evening Head of School Series concert.  A few students gathered to record the event in their sketchbooks..

This great drawing was done by senior, Samantha Leung

Monday, November 14, 2011


Queens transformed by couture!!!

'When I was approached to artistically assist with the fall play,...I thought of all of the deeply talented, passionately driven young artists in our midst.'   

gregg emery,chair,visual arts & art history

The costumes worn by the queens were designed & constructed by Anna Karpman, 12'  The graphics including poster & hand silkscreening of the cards was done by Hanna Lefcourt, 12'  The opening film was designed, shot and edited by Gordon Marquardt, 12'

Notably, the seventh grade was called upon to design and contruct hats for the famous Tea Party that you will see in a later post.

Anna Karpman, 12' with her queens at a late night photo shoot in Swartley after the dress rehearsal.

The line work, patterns, graphics and overall design for the posters and media for the show was left to Hanna Lefcourt, 12' way to go Hanna!  Designing and hand silkscreening each of the card guards as well!!!!

Hanna hard at work silkscreening her original designs.

Gordon Marquardt, 12' stepped in at the last minute to come up with the amazing intro to the show.  His video, shot on location with our very own Alice helped bring the audience from their reality to the wonderful, quirky and surreal world we all enjoyed this past weekend,...


Congrats to all of the performers, directors, artists, crew members, stage hands, painters, ushers, parents, 4th graders, 7th graders and high school students, from the smallest role to the largest...thank-you and congratulations to all for an adventure worth reliving again and again!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Faculty & Staff Exhibit in Swartley a great success!!!

Click above to enjoy a virtual walk through of the gallery exhibit...
Artwork by our very own Upper School Arts Instructor, Marisol Diaz

A hand crafted Bear and clothing by a Dwight-Englewood science teacher, Tara Weinstein 

Students and Faculty enjoyed a lunch time art opening reception to celebrate the first exhibition of the season....

Stay tuned for more great work from Swartley gallery, the next show is already up, featuring work by Lorena Estrella 06'