Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Highlights from DEVA

Halloween is a special time of year for the visual arts at Dwight-Englewood and 2010 was no exception...The leaders of PAS, Promotional Arts Society, decided to dress to impress as their fav art &/or artist including an empress!  Not to be outdone were a design student invoking his best Afro Samurai, an amazing Emmy award winning anime inspired cartoon series,  and of course the fait accompli, Ms. Diaz as Marie Antoinette with a boiffant, a work of art in and of itself!!!!  Check out Ms. Diaz' website for other images of her costume,

Shireen as a Roy Lichenstein painting

Hadar as Nefertiti

Nick as Afro Samurai

Ms. Diaz as Marie Antoinette, Happy Halloween 2010!

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