Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Artistic Seniors Share their work with 6th graders....

Shireen Kahn
Shireen's focus topic has led to wonderful work in the visual arts & exhibits this semester...this post journals a recent visit to my 6th grade class...
her topic,...
'In order to create an authentic museum experience, as defined in my first semester paper, must curatorial practices overlap with educational aims and programs of a special art exhibit. Why, or why not?'

One of Lexi's amazing watercolors.

 In the picture below, Darya and Dara work on mixed media pieces inspired by Lexi and the artists she shared with the group.

As part of Shireen's Senior Focus Project, she introduced a project inspired by the work of fellow senior, Lexi.
Here, Lexi explains aspects and influences on her work. 

Minsun Kim (Jodie)
Jodie visited another 6th grade class for a day of art history, analysis and 'dance?'
her topic...
'What is the nature of the divergence between art critics and the general educated audience’s interpretation of Matisse’s work?'

6th graders strike dancer poses ala

Jodie helped 6th graders interpret and
analyze 2 versions of this famous
painting by Matisse.
In this short video, Jodie assists the 6th graders as
they wrestle with the concept of 'harmony' as it does and
does not reveal itself through this painting.

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