Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AP Studio Art & Art History classes visit MOMA Field Trip Part I

Rousseau gets 1 thumb up from Amanda!

Senior members of my Modern Art History Class enjoying
an art scavenger hunt!  James bears a striking resemblance
to this famous Cezanne!

Em does a great impression of Frida,
although the hair is a bit long...
Ms. Diaz, Ms. Devito, Mr. Emery and all of our young artists and art historians outside the entrance to the MOMA

Enjoying a little Yoko Ono...

Relaxing in the sculpture garden after a day full o' art!
Lexi, do you see the sculpture on
Zach's head or is it just me?

Want to find out a little more about all of the art we saw, check Ms. Diaz' site by clicking the link below...

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