Monday, May 9, 2011

25th Annual 5th grade 'Creating an Original Opera' huge success!!!!

Worlds of Preparation go into
the 5th grade Opera, now
in its 25th year!!!!
Painting the sets, everything by hand...
Set desgin, script, music all created and performed by the 5th grade!
Amazing creative work from the early stages, managing, advertising all the way to the finish line!
Voices, acting, and music were wonderful...
A more somber moment as students grieve their friend's pain and
wrestle with difficult issues...

 What a great way to celebrate 25 years with the opera at Dwight-Englewood.  Hard to believe that it was 15 years ago when I visited the newly built Bede Building and was introduced to Adam Murphy, a 5th grader at the time and writer for his class opera...I must admit that the obvious wisdom of the 'guru' seated before the computer far exceeded his age.  It is so great to see such an amazing tradition continue!

Congrats to everyone!  Parents, teachers, students, writers, musicians, technicians, actors and everyone who had a heart, hand or head involved in this years...'Creating an Original Opera!'


  1. Thank you for posting this.It will be very interesting to see the finished video that two D-E alums have been working on all year.

  2. Greg,
    Thank you for posting this and for your appreciation and support for Creating Original Opera. I remember Adam well. Great kid. I also remember one of his costumes involved changing his shirt behind the flat as he yelled out: "NO NO" ( the bully was putting him in the garbage can in the cafeteria) In actuality he was changing shirts from the same color shirt he had on, but the new one had all kinds of things like banana peel, milk cartons, napkins etc. He was such a pleasure to have as a student. Other kids you may remember include Matthew Kopko and Elizabeth Schwartzman, and Joakim Sandor.