Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010- State of the Arts- A look back at some of the 'highlights' of the past year...


Colin Alexander 10', Now studying at the Maryland Institute,
College of Art and loving it!!!  Colin spent 2010 continuing to
develop his unique artistic voice & vision with painting, sculpture
mixed media works and a full length 'graphic novel'/ illustrated book
for his Senior Focus Project.

Christine Kim 10', developed a stunning portfolio including the drawing you see here which was also featured in Calliope, our Nationally honored literary & arts publication.  She continues to develop her work, skill and conceptual verve at RISD, the Rhode Island School of Design.  Great work Christine!!! We are proud of you!!!!

We took several great field trips in 20-10, my favorite
is our annual spring jaunt through the Chelsea galleries.
Here you see Sarah, Ally, Chelsea & Lily posing with...
hey, those guys don't go to D-E!

Reina Yasuoka enjoying a moment with an art installation.


Harrison Co 10', now at Rochester Institute
of Technology still a 'photo poet.'  See for
yourself with the work by Harrison below.

Just a sampling of Harrison's work but I am sure
you agree, he has a flair for capturing the moment.  The
one below was taken during another 20-10 moment as
'Shinobi Ninja' featuring the Machinist twins, both D-E
grads, as they took the stage at a spring assembly.

Cooper Wright at trip to the MOMA in 2010,
here is gets a bird's eye view of
Marina Abrovomic and her cutting edge
performance.  Cooper was accepted at Parsons
for Photography but is spending a 'gap' year in
Brazil, learning Portuguese, taking photos and
spreading his wings....

Pedram Razghandi 10', is a true 'Renaissance Man'...I don't use that term lightly...he is a man of science, math, writing & history and as you can see by these 'self portraits' and the striking encounter of 'man & nature' he is a thoughtful, skilled and mature artist.


Isabella Giancarlo 10', has a flair for design, color and
really everything that is beautiful & innovative.  I am
proud to note, that her studies at Brown have continued
to be artful, fanciful, poetic and cutting-edge all at once.
at Brown this fall have 

Sarah Kang 10', has such a great sense of design & form as she illustrated here in some of her
portfolio work that landed her at the prestigious Parsons this fall.  Way to go Sarah!!!

 Varah Baronian 10', is enjoying himself at Skidmore where he continues to draw avidly while pursuing his passion for the theater, landing a key role in the fall production as a freshman. These pieces were part of Varak's AP Portfolio which included the self portrait below and a series of paintings like the two above which focused on important aspects of his Armenian heritage.

Ji Min 10', is not only one of our Art stars from 2010 but she was also responsible for
some of the most astounding, incredible, breathtaking theatrical sets ever seen at
Dwight-Englewood!!!  This charcoal erasure drawing was completed in our
Advanced Portfolio class this past year.  The pic of Ji Min to the left features another
of her talents and passions...We love you Ji Min!!!!
We, your humble art guides, hope you enjoyed our look at 2010 and a small sampling of the artwork that exploded out of Swartley and beyond (believe it or not there are soooo many works and artists and moments we left out), field trips to the MOMA, MET, Cloisters, Cooper Hewitt, Chelsea Galleries, theatrical set designs, award winning works & fabulous events from PAS, the promotional arts society. 

We are so very proud of all of the magnificient works of our students from all of the grades and are already enjoying the inspiring art of 2011 as the art fires in Swartley continue to burn brightly and warmly...We are blessed with the multitude of beautiful phoenix which rise from the hands and process of our students and continue to help them engage fully and deeply in those acts of creation!!! 

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