Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Art History Field Trip Ever....

Now, D-E Art & Art History instructors have been known to pack a lot into a single day's trip...however, on Wed, December 15th they tried to outdo even themselves...Have a look at the day below...

Exploring the different stories & symbols
in the famous unicorn tapestries at the first stop,
the Cloisters.

Zach and everyone else was enthralled with the Merode altarpiece at the Cloisters.

Learning about the architecture of a cathedral from
the inside out and from bottom to top with a
vertical tour of St. John the Divine!

halfway up...

The same view the Bishop has...not too shabby!

Almost to the top...

On the roof and ready to get warm on the bus...
...but the trip was not over yet,...WE had one more stop to make at the Armory, where the Last Supper video installation by Peter Greenaway was on view...we were all tired after a long day but completely
captivated and artfully satiated as we boarded the bus for the trip back across the GWB!

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  1. a trip I most certainly wish i was a part of!! Missed it and NO fair! these pics are so enticing! Love it!