Monday, February 6, 2012

Class of 2010 artists still shine brightly... at the Dwight-Englewood School

When Ms. Lachman approached me about choosing artwork for the soon to be redesigned library silent study space, there really was only one choice...Colin Alexander 10'.  For his focus project, Colin studied visual books, picture books and graphic novels...completing the project with his own original book that blurred the lines between the literary and the aesthetic.  He has loaned the originals to us for display...
Mr. Petkus, both his teacher and friend and now one of the directors of the library...was overwhelmed by the works as well as the color selection for walls and furniture that was inspired by Colin's works.  Colin is currently continuing his artistic journey at the prestigious, Maryland Institute, College of Art.
Drawings texted to me by Cooper Wright 10', part of an art project at Maryland Institute, College of Art.
Cooper asked if he and another former student of mine at D-E, Andrew Boskin could use the gallery for an 'installation' inspired by the drawing project he created in his fall semester work at MICA.

Cooper's ideas about House vs. Home and the questions about how we remember and what we do with those memories, what is our access? and what triggers those feelings? all came together in this simple, yet complex arrangement.  Cooper was particularly interested in these ideas after being a 'lifer' at Dwight-Englewood, then making the decision to spend a 'gap' year studying in Brazil before embarking on his artistic education at MICA.

Pictured here, Cooper Wright, Andrew Boskin and Isabella Giancarlo, all members of the auspicious Class of 2010!
Cooper answers questions from English faculty member, Diane Christian.

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  1. It's a big thrill to have Colin's art featured in this great new library space! Many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. (And, to appear on the DEVA blog? With Colin? In the same post with Cooper? That's some gooooood gravy!)